Jim Morrison and The Doors pictures

Young Jim Morrison             

         Looks like Morrison started early in his “breaking on through”   Jim Morrison mug shot from FSU   Wonder what Mr. Morrison did this time?

Jim Morrison in FSU recruitment film      Jim Morrison in a school recruitment film at FSU 1962

  Jim Morrison and The Doors rehearsing in Venice

                                           The Doors beach house rehearsal place

Jim Morrison       The Doors in Venice Beach, CA.  Things were about to change.

jim morrison and pamela courson

                         An early picture of Jim Morrison with Pamela Courson, 1966Jim Morrison                                                   The Doors in NYC 1966

Jim Morrison       The Doors in Venice CA 1966

Jim Morrison collasped on stage                    Wake up!   You can’t remember where it was.  Has this dream stopped?

Jim Morrison   Jim Morrison on Ed Sullivan 1967

Jim Morrison     Young lion photo from 1967

Jim Morrison arrested in New Haven

                                        Jim Morrison arrested in New Haven, 1967

Jim Morrison Hello I Love You

                                 Jim Morrison in Europe filming “Hello, I Love You” 1968

Jim Morrison in Miami 1969

      Jim Morrison making history in Miami, 1969

Jim Morrison

                                         “Beer and ketchup, what else do you need?”

Jim Morrison in Paris

                                                Jim Morrison at a cafe in Paris 1971

  1. Ratko Martinovic ,Martin

    I was a Punk Rocker when I heard and saw him and his Doors.I am Yugoslavian(born and grew up in best time,midlle 60..).I “hated” him so much I was fascinated with “Destroy Hippie”…it was like two football fans club…Punks against rockers(hippies too)…Well today I am 47 and like Jim so much(mintime I colllected so many pictures,books about him)…Why you died so young as other good people!!!!

  2. This is the fourth posting, of your website I browsed.
    Nevertheless I really enjoy this specific 1, “Jim Morrison and The Doors
    pictures | Jim Morrison Biography” the very best.
    All the best ,Albertha

  3. Is everybody in the story is about to begain ?

  4. there is a theory regarding the last picture that the mask jim is portraying is actually him or his spirit guide showing his death veil that he his near his end. It is also seen on kurt cobains heart shaped box video around the 3:00 mark where you see kurt pull his down in a creepy way even though it looks distorted.

  5. Iove you so much baby, surprised I can breathe without u my sweet sweet man

  6. There will never be another JIM MORRISON!!! This was an amazing man!! I will always be a Devoted FAN!! My walls are covered with pictures and i have every book about this awesome man. LOVE you JIM.

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